Specialist treatments

In some cases cosmetic care is not enough, so we need specialist treatments. Specialist treatments are a professional service given by a dermatologist and a specialist of aesthetic surgery, in order to solve skin problems, like acne scars signs of aging etc. in the best and fastest way, or accomplish better aesthetic results considering the contours of the lips, cheek bones or the depth of wrinkles.


Marina Djordjevic – a specialist for skin and venereal diseases

Dermatologist, Marina Đorđević, in beauty center Belviso, expects you in pleasant surroundings to help you solve the problems with your skin and nails or hair. As the changes may appear anywhere on the body, and can be very unpleasant for the client, we wanted to offer the possibility of specialist examination in a pleasant surroundings.

A specialist examination includes:

  • Anamnesis – collection of information important for the diagnosis and successful treatment, through discussion with the client
  • Dermatological examination
  • Diagnose and prescribing and giving therapy
  • Additional diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

Therapeutic procedures:

  • Medical treatments of skin with acne, rosaceous, photo-damaged skin etc.
  • Medium deep chemical peels
  • Removal of benign lesions from the skin on any part of the body using radio-waves
  • Removal of capillaries

Aesthetic surgery

Goran Djordjevic – specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery

If you want to remove the signs of aging, to slow the process of aging, correct your facial features, and beautify yourself, it is recommendable for you to come and have a free consultative examination with an aesthetic surgeon, and see which the most appropriate solution for your problem is.

Beauty center Belviso has enabled its clients services of an aesthetic surgeon, wishing to provide them complete care and postponing of the visible signs of aging. Dr Goran Djordjevic has directed his whole, many years long, career towards constant learning, following trends and improving in the area of aesthetic surgery and anti-aging, in order to be able to provide the clients with the best possible service and results.

Dr Goran Djordjevic is available to his clients before, during, and after the treatment, so that they can be completely secure and relaxed. The treatment is done in pleasant surroundings.

Antiaging programme consists of:

  • Hyaluron fillers
  • Botox
  • Mezoniti
  • Redefinition of the face with biosoft strings

Hyaluron fillers

Hyaluron is a very popular anti aging procedure that has been used in the last couple of years for skin rejuvenation, since it brings youthfulness to skin, neck and lips in a natural and safe way. Therefore, if you want to rejuvenate skin of your face and neck, in a natural way, remove wrinkles and bring firmness and fullness to your lips, in that case, hyaluron fillers are the best choice.

Hyaluron is a natural substance that is found in the connective tissue of the skin; its function is hydration of the skin, keeping the skin tone and neutralization of harmful free radicals. In time, skin loses its elasticity and its hydration is reduced, therefore causing wrinkles to appear. Hyaluron fillers are applied into the wished layer of the skin to improve the imperfections. The skin becomes hydrated, elastic and firm after the procedure.

This procedure is applicable to all the age groups. It is recommended with the appearance of the first wrinkles, since it prevents their deepening. Once treated with hyaluron, skin ages slower.

Hyaluron fillers can be used for:

  • rejuvenation of face and neck
  • contouring of the cheeks and jaws
  • contouring and filling of the lips
  • refreshing the lip lines
  • filling the wrinkles on the forehead and the root of the nose
  • filling the wrinkles around the eyes
  • filling the wrinkles around the lips
  • filling the nasolabial folds
  • filling the small scars
  • rejuvenation of hands

Hyaluron fillers are very popular as an aesthetic procedure for their efficiency, since the results can be seen instantly and can last 6 to 9 months, with the dermal fillers, while with subdremal fillers the limit is significantly longer 1 to 4 years (depending on the skin type, treated area, and filler density).

The filler brands we use are – Teosyal, Restylane, Ellanse, Perfectha…


Subdermalni fileri Subdermalni fileri




dermalni fileri



Dermalni fileri

IMG_1439 IMG_1440
Subdermalni fileri Subdermalni fileri
IMG_0087 IMG_0088

Nose correction

Korekcija nosa Korekcija nosa
Korekcija nosa Korekcija nosa

Chin correction

Korekcija brade Korekcija brade

Botox or botulinum toxin type A is a serum that is applied in small, very well dosed amounts so that de-stimulation of the mimic muscles can appear: forehead, root of the nose, and outer corners of the eyes. It is recommended as soon as the first signs of mimic wrinkles are noticed, so that their deepening can be prevented.


Mezoniti it is a procedure of rejuvenation and tightening of the facial skin. With the use of special needles the special bio-degradable strings are injected into the deep layers of the skin in the way of diagnosed need for strengthening the skin tone. This procedure creates so called reinforcement in the facial skin, where the strings during the process of degradation stimulate appearance of new collagen, and in that way help the renewal and improve the elasticity of the facial skin.


Redefinition of the face with biosoft strings is a kind of face lifting where a minimal surgical procedure is applied, without any cuts on the kin. The result is instantaneous and the effect long-lasting.



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