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Belviso beauty center offers a team of educated experts, cosmetic therapists, dermatologists, and aesthetic surgeons, with many years of experience, for you to get a professional advice, create protocols of treatment and give recommendations for home care.

Depending on the skin type, and with consultations from our team, a preparative and apparitional care can be applied. Our team puts at your disposal a big choice of cosmetic appliances, preparations, as well as their knowledge and experience in applying a wide variety of methods and techniques of treating oily, skin with acne, couperosis, rosaceous, skin with scars, various age treatments, etc.

It is our concern that you are Belviso.

Preparative facial treatments

The most important element with preparative facial treatments is the quality of preparations used.

That is the reason we have picked several leading brands in the area of professional cosmetics as Algologie, Skendor, MCCM medical cosmetics, and NeoStrata.

French brand Algologie uses active components from the purest depths of the sea for production of its preparations. Their laboratory is located in intact nature of the Pen Lan peninsula, and for their preparations they do not use mineral oils, phthalates, parabens, and silicones. Their preparations are made of sea water combined with different algae and stem cells of algae. They are highly concentrated, packed separately for individual treatments, and they are opened before the very treatment, they do not contain solvents and preservatives, the ingredients are similar to the skin texture, so the skin recognizes and easily absorbs them. These preparations help re-mineralization of the skin, hydration, and stimulation of cell function, prevent oxidative stress of the cells, nurtures, and strengthen the skin etc.

It is up to you to consult our cosmetic therapists and dermatologists, choose the treatment that will nurture your skin, eliminate existing aesthetic drawbacks, and postpone the aging process. You may choose out of the following:

  • Chrono Detox treatment
  • Ultra hydration treatment
  • Extrime softness for sensitive and couperose skin
  • Treatment of couperose and rosaceous skin
  • Vital anti aging treatment
  • Lifting facial treatments
  • Whitening treatments
  • Treatment of the eye zone – Eye contur
  • Corrective treatment of oily skin

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are irreplaceable for facial treatments, depending on the kind and depth of their effect, very mild or intense results can be achieved.

Cosmetic therapist performs mild superficial peels mostly using glycolic acid or fruit acids. These peels can result in very fine improvements of the skin look, regeneration, hydration, wrinkle prevention, enlarged pores, scars, and hyper-pigmentation.

This type of mild peels is performed once a week in a series of up to10 treatments, during autumn or winter period. They are very effective in treating oily and combined skin, skin with hyper-pigmentations caused by sun or as side effects of acne, with treating of dry skin and atrophic old skin.

These mild peels influence keratinization – rejuvenation of the skin, enlarge the quantity of water in the superficial and deeper layers of skin, they peel existing pigmentations, and also prevent the appearance of the new ones, they make skin soft and stimulate collagen synthesis.

The treatment is not invasive and a reaction in a form of irritation and redness is seldom and is very fast gone.

For more intensive results and especially with deep scar treatment caused by acne or with photo-damaged skin for its rejuvenation, it is necessary to perform a more intense peel.

This type of medium depth peels are performed by a dermatologist with application of tested high quality chemical peels.

Radio-wave lifting

Radio-wave lifting is one of the most modern treatments performed with use of radio-wave frequency that aims at rejuvenation of superficial layers of skin, gives excellent effects with elimination of wrinkles, improves the skin tone, and leads to rejuvenation.

By applying bipolar radio-frequency the blood flow is increased within the treated area, which leads to faster cellular metabolism, the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers in the derma is improved, the concentration of hyaluronic acid is increased, which leads to the rejuvenation effect, improved skin tone, its elasticity and firmness, fine lines are completely removed, while deep wrinkles become less visible.

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LED therapy

LED light therapy is one of the therapies with many years of application history. It is based on positive effect of a certain color or wave length to skin, and the whole body too.

Depending on the kind of light-whether red, blue, green light is applied, in a natural, non- toxic way one can treat: papulous –pustules acne, wounds, atrophic skin, skin with low blood flow, irritations, edema, cuprous skin, rosaceous skin, smoker’s skin…

For treating of papulous –pustules acne, blue light is used; wave length of blue light prevents the development of bacteria on the surface of the skin, which leads to improved condition of skin with acne. The treatment is safe, since it demands no contact or application of other preparations, the sound simply floats above the skin and cannot damage the skin mechanically.

Due to its safety and non-toxicity it can be applied on damaged skin with the aim of acceleration the healing process and prevention of infection, so it can be done after intensive treatments of derma abrasion, and surgeries, for prevention or minimizing scars, swelling, redness etc.


Mezoporation is the most modern therapy that helps intake of active substances. The active substances in cosmetic preparations can enter the skin in 4 ways: through sweat and sebaceous glands, through the cell itself or through the space between cells.

Neither of these ways is easy, since the skin has its own barrier that is very difficult to invade and go through into the deep layers.

Mezoporation is apparitional, non-invasive method of active substances intake. This method creates temporary openings-mezopores that let the active substances in.

At 1cm skin depth, it is possible to insert even 99% concentration of applied active component.

This enables us to use the positive effects of active substances to their maximum, such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin A, B, C, and E coenzyme Q 10 and many others.

By this simple protocol, exceptional effects can be achieved considering skin hydration, regeneration, the skin texture improvement, smoothing the wrinkles, and the first results can be seen after 2 treatments.

Mezoporation is done in a series of several treatments, once a week, and after that it is recommended to do it once a month for keeping the achieved results.


Mezotherapy is the procedure of inserting the active substances, and it belongs into the domain of derma-cosmetics. By this procedure the skin integrity is invaded and it of crucial importance who and how is implementing these protocols.

The application of active substances is done using a needle, for the comfort of the client, less visible damages, and achieving the best results; for mezotherapy of the face we use mezo-pen, while for the body a derma-roller is used.

Using a mezo-pen, slight injuries are created on skin and the intake of the active substances into skin is provided. Besides this intake, which can be provided by mezoporation, this method of micro damaging of the skin causes its regeneration and the skin is spurred to synthesize collagen and elastic fibers.

In time the synthesis of collagen is reduced, and a reduced concentration of collagen fibers means that skin tightness is reduced too, the reduced amount of water kept in the skin, by all this the skin loses its elasticity and tightness, and wrinkles become more prominent. Mezo-pen enhances the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers, thus representing an excellent choice in treating aged and skin with atrophy.

Mezo-pen and derma-roller can be used in treating: aged and skin with atrophy, enlarged pores, acne scars, and treating scars caused by smallpox, hyper-pigmentation caused by age, wrinkles, and wrinkles in the eye area and around the mouth, stretch marks.

In order to achieve the best possible results concerning skin rejuvenation, scar, and wrinkle treatments, it is necessary to repeat the treatments. The intervals between the treatments have to be 28 days long, to achieve good results.

Any damage of the skin, in this case done on purpose, undergoes several stages. The first stage is the process of bleeding in a form of fine small spots, and it has the aim of washing the wound, then vasoconstriction appears and closing of blood vessels, and bleeding is stopped. The second stage is 1 to 3 days long, and it is the stage of inflammatory response, when in the beginning granulomas are formed and lymphocyte and phagocyte are multiplied, which should prevent the development of bacteria. The next stage starts after several days and up to 2or 3 weeks. In this stage synthesis of collagen, epithelization of tissues and new blood vessels are formed.

The results of the treatment are clearly visible after 2 to 3 weeks and when the stage of skin regeneration is finished, which lasts for 28 days, the protocol can be repeated.

For the very procedure of mezotherapy sterile cocktails and active substances of Spanish medical cosmetics MCCM and Dermclar are used.

Ultrasound peel

Ultrasound peel is a real SPA treatment for the face; it can be carried out as a separate treatment or within other protocols as the procedure of skin preparation.

The ultrasound spatula is mildly run over the skin, and that way the skin is cleaned from the superficial and deeper impurities and superficial dead skin cells are removed. The skin is smooth and soft after this treatment. This procedure of purification or peeling can be performed on very sensitive skin, even on skin with couperose and rosaceous skin.



Microdermabrasion is one of the most popular facial treatments that can be done at any age, since it is used as a therapy of many different skin problems. Depending on the decision a therapist makes based on inspection and determination of the type an state of the skin, and the problems noted, this therapy of microdermabrasion can be either very mild or the deeper layers of skin can be treated by it.

It is performed using a sound with a diamond head and a vacuum, so that a simultaneous peeling of the superficial layers of the skin and a vacuum massage is being done, which in return leads to better cleansing of the skin and improvement of blood flow.

Microdermabrasion can achieve: smoothing of the wrinkles and scars, reduction of the enlarged pores, elimination of irregularly pigmented areas, it can be used in the treatment of scars caused by acne, oily skin, as well as for rejuvenation and regeneration of skin.

The very procedure of doing peeling of the superficial cells of epidermis causes smoothing the skin surface and elimination of irregularities considering the color and texture of the skin, it becomes smooth and soft, and the preparations applied after dermabrasion can penetrate the skin better. Also the very procedure of dermabrasion stimulates production of keratin and renewal of the skin. Because of it this treatment is great with oily skin where the process of production of keratin and the skin is thick, which causes problems for sebum to appear on the surface of the skin, and comedones appear; also with the aged and skin with atrophy, where the process of regeneration slows down because of aging.

Depending on the effects we want to accomplish, the treatment can be performed only once or in a series of several treatments. The skin is mildly red after the treatment and very sensitive. This sense of tightness and redness disappears very soon after which the first results can be seen; the skin is smooth, soft, lighter. After the client can see the benefits of the first treatment, the treatment is very gladly repeated.

The treatment is not performed on oily skin with acne (when there is inflammation), rosaceous skin, rush, wounds, herpes, or on very thin and sensitive skin.

It is recommended as an individual therapeutic procedure or as a procedure for the introduction into mezoporation, preparation for cleaning of blackheads, and for preparative anti-age treatments.


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