Decorative procedures

Since the beginning of time up to these days, there has always been an eternal need for being beautiful and attractive to others. For a person to be beautiful it takes a lot of care, but also certain procedures like decorative make up, can help a lot to quickly cover the imperfections of the skin and point out the beautiful features of our face.

Professional makeup

A good styling cannot be imagined without good makeup; it should improve a person’s looks, as well as to complete their appearance and styling. The makeup artist has to recognize the style of the client, to balance their wishes with the morphology of the face and make the person feel good.

In our beauty center, professional makeup MAC has been provided, and our makeup artist will do whatever it takes to make you feel really great.

Permanent makeup – micro-pigmentation

Permanent makeup or micro-pigmentation is a procedure of inserting special pigments into the skin, that start to disintegrate in a few years, since permanent makeup is not literally such.

Although it sounds nice to wake up in the morning with neat and nicely shaped eyebrows, discreetly lined lips or eyeliner, which makes your eyelashes thicker and your eye bigger, it can all turn into a nightmare if you do not get what you have expected. If permanent makeup is not professionally done or is not of a high quality, the client can go through a real hell every day, since permanent makeup is not easy to remove or to correct the mistakes that have been made.

In the beauty center Belviso, in order to give the service of the highest possible quality, we have decided to apply Golden eye products and permanent makeup appliances. This company has been present on the market for a very long period of time, and it represents company number 1in Germany, fulfilling all the high standards and norms of the European Union.

The pigments used are of a high quality designed for very sensitive skins, with sterile package, and practical dosages. The applied pigments can be drastically changed and they enable very precise drawing of the finest hairs.

By permanent makeup you can define your eyebrows finely, fill in some irregularities, and make them be symmetrical and attractive. Which technique is the most adequate to use? Well that decision should be made during a consultative appointment with a trained professional.

The permanent makeup cannot only correct and improve your eyebrows, lips and eyes, but also solve some irregularities such as lack of hair, irregularly pigmented areoles, vitiligo etc.

Micro hair – micro-pigmentation of the scalp

In the beauty center Belviso, we can solve the problem of hair loss and baldness by micro-pigmentation. It is a modern cosmetic treatment during which pigments are inserted into the epidermis of the skin. The pigmentation enables the aesthetic correction and coverage of the bald surfaces on the skin.

By this treatment, the problem of thin hair is solved and baldness in clients who cannot do the procedure of hair transplantation. The technique is completely painless, unlike the classical hair transplantation. Using this technique the pigmented color is inserted into the epidermis of the skin on the head, and that way small hairs are drawn, of the same color as the natural hair of the client, so that a completely natural effect can be achieved.

It is important to keep in mind, considering the fact that it is one of the new techniques, a novelty in our country, that it is of highest importance who the person performing micro-pigmentation is, and what appliances are used. In our beauty center only specialists for pigment are performing these procedures.

The appliance used is Goldeneye, made according to the highest standards of quality, and designed to give the best of results.

The procedure and process of micro-pigmentation:

  • consultation
  • making an appointment
  • treatment
  • control examination after 1 week
  • control examination after 1 month

The price of the treatment depends on the surface that will be done and the technique that will be applied. For the precise evaluation of the price, an appointment and consultation with the client is needed.


Silky eyelashes

You want to achieve a real glamorous look without having artificial eyelashes? Then, the right choice for you is use of silky eyelashes.

Silky eyelashes mean using a special technique of applying separate lashes onto your natural lashes, so called ‘hair on hair’ technique. The eyelashes done using this technique look very naturally, and are available in different lengths and shades so that they can be merged with the natural; the length is adjusted according to the wishes of the client. The treatment is painless, the procedure of application last longer than other techniques, but the results it has are exceptional. The extension itself lasts up to a month, after which a correction is needed.

What needs to be pointed out is the fact that the client should come to the treatment of applying separate lashes onto your natural lashes, without makeup or applying any cream to the eye region, since the presence of impurities makes the procedure of application more difficult.

Svilene trepaviceSvilene trepavice

Paper eyelashes

Paper eyelashes are a real hit in the countries abroad with teenagers, since they offer a possibility of a different and more creative expression.

Uncommon shapes of artificial eyelashes will draw the attention of the people around, and make you feel very special and different. They are ideal for birthday parties, nights out, parties, proms etc.


Manicure / Pedicure

The aesthetic care for hands and feet is a part and parcel of every beauty center. Come and enjoy in the high quality SPA treatments.

As the manicure and pedicure belong into the procedures with a high risk of transmitting infections, we have taken care to take the procedures of disinfection and sterilization to a very high level, so that each client could be guaranteed safety and security. Join us and take care of your skin of hands and feet, or find a solution for thick skin of your heels with fissures, thick nails, bunion or blister. Also, our dermatologist is always there at your disposal to diagnose precisely and give a prescription for home care therapy, in order to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Aesthetic pedicure


Medical pedicure

Medicinski pedikir Medicinski pedikir

Medical pedicure-nail reconstruction

Medicinski pedikirRekonstrukcija nokta Rekonstrukcija nokta

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