Body treatments

Belviso beauty center offers a new, unique approach to body treatments. Within SPA rituals we tend to solve the aesthetic imperfections, offer skin care as well as to contribute to a body and spirit balance. With the use of modern appliances and preparations of the French brand Algologie, our team creates individual SPA treatments.

Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage is a preventive measure in preservation of health and vitality, with the aim of relaxing and loosening of the muscles and joints, improving the blood flow, tissue nutrition, and performing the detoxification. Its application results in a complete relaxation in a soothing atmosphere, with the scent of candles and pleasant music. This protocol removes tiredness faster than passive lying or sleeping, and also eliminates headache and tension. After the session the person feels pleasant satisfaction and moves with ease.

Duration: 30min/60min.

Aroma massage

Aroma massage is an exceptional, ultimate enjoyment, where, during a relaxing massage, special aromatic oils for massage are used. Besides the positive effect of the very relaxing massage on the skin, muscles, joints, a specific effect of aromatic oils is added. Essential aromatic oils are natural products that have a very powerful effect on the body and mind. Combined differently, the essential oils of lavender, mint, rosemary, silver pine, geranium, lemon, orange, eucalyptus, as well as many others, are used to accomplish better effects of relaxation, detoxification, improve the skin tone, speed up the process of losing weight, improve the blood flow and strengthen the body as a whole.

Duration: 60min.

Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage is a special technique of manual massage which, with the use of anti-cellulite products, has the aim of improving the drainage of the area treated; boosting the blood and lymph flow, enabling the active components of the products used a better penetration through the skin. Anti-cellulite massage is done in a series of 10 treatments, and the number of series is determined depending on the form and stage of the cellulite treated.

In order to achieve the best possible results, other appliance or preparation treatments can be used. The aim of the therapy is for the client to have, after the treatment is done, beautifully shaped, healthy legs with the reduced size and improved tone.

Duration: 30min/40min

Weight loss improvement massage

Specific massage movements that have the aim of boosting the blood and lymph flow, are used to rub in the 100% pure natural mix of five essential oils of lavender, lemon, marjoram, Ylang Ylang and geranium, that work against weight problems (keeping water, endocrine system disballance, excess fat storage and nerve disorders).

This type of therapeutic massage is used on its own or combined with Finnish sauna, ultra contour, cavitation and specialized body wraps.

Duration: 30min/40min

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage or as many call it-medical massage, is used with many different states of the organism and with hypertonic symptoms, spondylosis, lumbago. During the massage different soothing oils are used which have the relaxing effect on the muscles and blood flow, and contain lemon, orange, bergamot, rosemary, lavender, pepper, eucalyptus within.The oils influence pain reduction and successfully eliminate muscular tension.

Therapeutic massage is efficient in solving persistent back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, which are, first of all, a side effect of many obligations a modern man has. A series of several massages is recommended.

Duration: 30min/60min

Sport massage

Sport massage can be used before or after some sport or other physical activity. The greatest advantage of sport massage is its use with the aim of recovery after exercise and other physical activity. Sport massage reduces the muscle tension, pain after injuries, pain after injuries caused by physical activity is reduced.

When exposed to exceeding physical activity or muscle injury, the muscular tissues get less blood than it is used to, which can be compensated by this type of massage.

Duration: 30min/40min

Detox massage

Lymph drainage is the most efficient of all the detox massages and it is used against swelling and hematoma after surgeries. Toxins are eliminated from the body through lymph, where lymph drainage enhances this process, makes it faster and more efficient. Considering the fact that toxins are eliminated by lymph system. Slow functioning of lymph can represent a problem. Massage or lymph drainage will start lymph function and blood flow and thus help the body eliminate toxins. It not only boosts toxin elimination, but also influences the muscle tone and prevents loosening of the skin.

Before this massage pealing and sauna are recommended for getting better results.

Duration: 30min/40min

Tightening massage

Massage for tightening the skin is applied with so-called “skin excess” or for treatment of loose skin after pregnancy. Efficient tightening of the skin can be achieved using certain mixtures of natural essential oils, individually according to skin type and the problem given, which is a challenge for us.

Duration: 30min

Antistress massage

This massage is a combination of manual techniques of therapeutic and relax massage. Not only does it help with stress relief, but it is also used for creating balance, as well as elimination of tension and painful conditions. For this kind of massage special anti-stress oils are used which have the effect of aroma therapy, since they influence CNS by sense of smell, in a sense of relaxation. This massage includes the whole body, although the focus is on head massage, face, palms and feet, which differs it from classical relax massages.

Duration: 60min

Massage during pregnancy

Massage can be of huge help with reducing the difficulties during pregnancy, but it has to be adjusted. Strong and sudden pressures must be eliminated; lower back and stomach must not be touched, but only slightly covered with carefully selected oil. Back ache is common during pregnancy,( as well as during breast feeding and carrying small children). It can be reduced by massage of the back, neck, legs, feet, and slight strokes of belly. Leg massage with strokes from feet to the ties can help body relaxation, reduction of pain and leg swelling.

Duration: 45 min

Hot chocolate massage

Hot chocolate massage feeds, regenerates, awakens the vitality, and brings harmony to the whole body. Chocolate relaxes the mind and senses through smell as aromatherapy. Gentle stimulations of energy spots during this treatment reduce tension and stress and the smell of chocolate gives a pleasant sense of relaxation and improves the mood.

Chocolate stimulates releasing of serotonin and endorphin (happiness hormone). It contains many minerals such as magnesium, potassium, phosphor and iron, vitamins, as well as almond oil and amino acids, necessary for keeping us healthy.

Duration: 60min


Bamboo massage

Bamboo massage not only reduces stress and tension, but is also well known for improving the skin texture. Silicon from the bamboo extract helps the body absorb the necessary minerals as potassium, calcium, and magnesium. It also has anti-irritation properties that soothe the skin when applied directly as a cream or lotion. Silicon plays an important role in keeping the quality of skin and hair. Except for this it is even capable of easing the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. Bamboo extract contains anti-oxidants which help soothe the wrinkles.

Duration: 60min

Candle massage

Candle massage belongs to relax massages, and what makes it unforgettable is the warmth from the essential oils from the candle. This massage relieves the body from stress making the skin silky soft at the same time. Candle massage has the aim of soothing physical and psychic fatigue. It developed out of an ancient Thailand massage, where the candles and herbs were immersed in the coconut oil and heated in the coconut shell. It influences body positively, relaxing, awakening the senses, and nurturing the skin. This massage is considered a part of natural medicine. Candles are made of natural herbal waxes, herbal butters, and essential oils. Practicing this kind of massage one can accomplish an exceptional effect, since the candle, while burning, turns into a fine silky oil, gives out the smell of essential oils, and that way an aromatherapy effect is achieved as well.

Duration: 60min

Volcanic stones massage

It has been proved that volcanic stones have exceptional electro-magnetic potential of the Earth and that this is an energetic treatment. Combinations of warm and cold stones are used and placed on the body. Volcanic stone massage enables better matter exchange in the body and it intensifies detoxification. The skin shows its gratitude by glowing and being smooth thanks to the improved blood flow and nutrition, as well as better metabolism of collagen and elastin in it. The blood flow is accelerated for six to eight times.

Duration: 60min.

Luxurious massage with oil enriched with 23 carat gold

This winter relax and enjoy!

Choose the massage with an oil made of the best almond and sunflower oils. Essential oils of clove, orange, cypress, and vanilla, as well as the flakes of 23 carat gold, have been added to this formula, which will create a warm atmosphere even in the coldest winter days.

Body massage with gold strengthens the immune system, brings vitality, and has anti-stress and relaxing effect. High quality oil is soaked into skin fast, while it enchants your senses by its smell and creates an unforgettable feeling.

Duration: 60min.

Royal massage

The feeling of complete relaxation that appears in the body during the massage, pleasant surroundings, aromatic scents, and special sounds of carefully selected music, will give you a unique experience bringing your body and soul into balance.

If there is something to double your joy, it certainly is a massage with two therapists massaging you at the same time. By synchronized movements of two therapists, with similar sensibility using a combination of massage techniques and carefully chosen massage creams, a beneficial effect is gained as muscle relaxation and tension relief is concerned. A larger surface of body is treated in a more efficient way and it leads to a better relaxation. The blood flow is improved significantly, and the effect of this massage is greater.

Duration: 60min.

Finnish sauna

Belviso offers you therapeutic benefits of Finnish sauna. It is an obligatory treatment of detoxification or purification of your body and a healthy and effective means of health preservation and immune system improvement. We recommend it in combination with our SPA treatment of the body for faster accomplishment of the results in the treatment of weight loss, anti-cellulite, skin tone, detoxification, and complete relaxation. Finnish sauna is made of special wood, designed for dry or wet body heating. The wooden room is heated by a small heater with granite stones on it, and if water vapor is wanted, water is poured over these stones. The temperature in the sauna is around 85 ℃. Air humidity is around 10-30%. The ideal temperature is from 75 to 90 ℃ with intense watering of the stones. This way the humidity and ions in the air are increased, which has a soothing effect to CNS and relaxation occurs.

Using sauna provides: detoxification of the body, blood flow improvement, immune system strengthening, faster digestion, relaxation of the muscles, lowering of the blood pressure, relaxation of the body and tension is relieved. Besides general health improvement, sauna helps with some health issues like chronic bronchitis, rheumatism, arthritis, cold, sinuses.

An old Finnish saying goes: ‘in the sauna anger evaporates and rage dries out’. Come and forget about the problems, relax completely and do something nice for yourself and for your health.

Spa body treatments

A unique enjoyment with the effects of skin care, improvement of the cellulite issues, weight loss acceleration, skin toning, and drainage, offered with or without sauna.

Sea pillings

Sea pilings free the skin of the dead cells, enable better absorption of active ingredients from the cosmetic preparations, and improve the overall look of the skin. This is the basic step in any body treatment. Algologie sea pilings are made of essential elements out of the ocean, like sea salt, algae, deposited minerals, and that all makes the skin soft and smooth, enabling mineral exchange, as well as vitamins and micro elements.

Whole body wraps

Whole body wraps are special treatments that offer a unique enjoyment, relaxation, but they also help solving issues of overweight persons, cellulite, loose skin, swelling, and slow blood flow. There are 3 types of highly efficient whole body wraps, and 3 types of local wraps, gels, macerate, cold or warm lotions that act in synergy and provide efficient results, while relaxing the client completely at the same time.

Whole body wrap:

  • Whole body wrap with algae Fukus that enhances weight loss
  • Mineralizing whole body wrap with warm algae
  • Draining whole body wrap with sea mud

Localized wraps:

  • Weight loss enhancing wrap for the persistent areas
  • Gel wrap for tightening with algae
  • Sea mud for drainage of ‘heavy legs’

For implementation of these protocols, preparations of French brand Algologies are used, which uses natural powers of raw algae that are applied with special massages, and with adding of suitable gels, macerates, cold and warm lotions, that act in synergy and provide efficient results. No matter if the whole body or just segments are done, the protocols are meant to provide the moments of relaxation of the body, as well as high efficiency with weight loss, tightening, drainage. Besides, wraps with sea algae can guarantee you detoxification, general mineralization, and regeneration of the body, offering visible results.

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